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Let’s Celebrate Lemon Yarn’s Anniversary with a Free Pattern!

Happy Friday everyone! I know I’ve been MIA on this blog for a while now and I apologise for that, with everything going on in my life this platform has fallen into forgetfulness. I wish I could post more regularly but since I can’t make any promises I’ll just post whenever I can. Now back… Continue reading Let’s Celebrate Lemon Yarn’s Anniversary with a Free Pattern!

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Sunday the Easter Bunny Pattern

Meet Sunday the Easter Bunny, the newest addition to the Lemon Yarn family. Sunday is a cute little bunny that loves everything about Spring: the beautiful blooming flowers, the warm afternoons, all the colours of life popping out and most of all, sharing its love of chocolate with the world. Every year around Easter time,… Continue reading Sunday the Easter Bunny Pattern


Stuart the abominable snowman Pattern

Today is World Snow Day apparently, and because of that I thought it would be fun to make something totally different from what I usually do, and that would best represent this day. What better than an abominable snowman to celebrate the cold snow we all enjoy? Meet Stuart, the cute and not so abominable… Continue reading Stuart the abominable snowman Pattern