Iron Man

The weekend is for sure the best part of the week, when I can finally spend my time crafting around. It’s only saturday and I already managed to finish two crochet creations of my order list. Today I present you my new billionaire amigurumi, Iron Man.


I used my original superhero pattern for him (the same used for Superman and Batman), here you can see all the different parts. I always start with the head when crocheting, the legs and body are worked as one piece, then comes the arms and all the extra pieces needed.

Like my two previous superhero cuties, Iron Man got the comic treatment aswell. I had a hard time finding a comic where he could be seen, but I eventually found this number of Siege: Embedded with all the Avengers and Iron Man on the superior left corner.


After the photoshoot with his little Pocket Pop Keychain version, we even had a billionaires meeting. Don’t they look great together?



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