Gudetama, the cutest egg yolk – Pattern


Over the course of the last week I was introduced to the weirdest and cutest element of the Sanrio family. Gudetama, also known as Lazy Egg, is basically a depressed egg yolk with his own anime show and twitter account.

I started seeing him around social media, on other amigurumi accounts, and I was completely caught by is strange and yet adorable looks. Eventually I decided I needed him in my crochet inventory and found a really great pattern that can be found here.

I did some small changes to the original pattern, like adding a round to the egg white and going with my instinct for the bacon strip. Overall I am extremely happy with Gudetama and the way he fits with all my other amigurumis. And being him who he is, I even took him on a lazy sunday walk and lunch to try to cheer him up.


BTW, this amazing looking and yummy food is from a place in my city, Guimarães, called Zézé do Prego. A must stop if you’re around the neighborhood!


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